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Math Trauma: Healing Our Classrooms, Our Students, and Our Discipline

About This Webinar

“Math trauma” is a real thing, affecting students and adults at every level. Research from a range of elds—including psychology, cognitive science, and neuroimaging—indicates that such trauma keeps many students from succeeding mathematically. As math teachers, we play a powerful role in validating the condition and supporting healing.

Presented by: Kasi Allen, @math4justice

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Webinar hosting presenter Jessica (@algebrainiac1)
I am an 8th Grade Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra and US History Public School Teacher (& tech geek) with two dogs. In my free time I coach, scrapbook and I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching & classroom environment.
Webinar hosting presenter Kasi Allen
Professor of Mathematics Education
I call myself a "math activist." I work to prepare innovative middle school and high school math teachers. I also help elementary teachers reclaim algebra. I love helping people experience the power of having their own mathematical ideas.
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Global Math Department webinar platform hosts Math Trauma: Healing Our Classrooms, Our Students, and Our Discipline
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