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Integrating Computational Thinking into the Math Classroom

About This Webinar

In this webinar, participants will begin to understand and identify ways in which computational thinking can be incorporated into the math classroom through the context of coding. A wide range of examples and evidence-based practices will be shared. Math topics will include geometry, patterning and plotting points on the Cartesian Plane. Coding tools will include Scratch, ScratchJr, Python, Sphero and Arduino. Participants will be inspired to explore ways in which they can use computational thinking to inform their own pedagogical practices, enrich their lessons and enhance student understanding of math ideas.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Lisa Floyd
Lisa is a Computational Thinking in Math and Science Education instructor at Western University's Faculty of Education and also a teacher on leave from the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario. She is currently working for Fair Chance Learning (fairchancelearning.com), sharing her passion for STEAM, coding and makerspace tools with students and teachers across Canada. She is completing her grad studies in Mathematics Education and works as a research assistant for projects led by professors involved with Computational Thinking initiatives.
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