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BrainWare SAFARI and Other Summer Brain Builders

About This Webinar

As the school year draws to a close, kids are champing at the bit for the carefree summer months to arrive. And while teachers and parents are also looking forward to a less pressured pace, they also often bemoan the loss of academic skills that students typically experience over the summer months. “Summer Brain Drain” isn’t inevitable, however, and the months before school starts again can be a time of growing minds in ways that are fun and can involve the whole family.

In this webinar, we will talk about best practices for using BrainWare SAFARI with your child and we will explore other activities that can help strengthen children’s cognitive skills so that the upcoming summer weeks are a time to build, rather than lose, learning capacity.

  • Coaching Your Child in BrainWare SAFARI
  • Fun Summer Brain-Builders (for the Whole Family)
  • Turning Everyday Activities into Invisible Learning Opportunities
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Webinar hosting presenter Betsy Hill
Betsy Hill is an experienced educator and President of BrainWare Learning Company. She has studied the application of neuroscience to teaching and learning with Dr. Patricia Wolfe and other experts and works with educators, clinicians and corporate trainers on using neuroscience research to address some of the most perplexing problems in education, including closing the gap for historically underperforming students. She addressed issues of college and career preparedness as a trustee and board chair at Chicago State University. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and an MBA from Northwestern University, and teaches strategy at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and the University of Illinois Chicago.

I like to describe myself as a "recovering" educator, but the truth is that I am more excited than ever about what neuroscience is uncovering about the brain and how we can use that information to enable each individual to reach his or her cognitive potential. I'm here to share what I've been learning over the last ten years and to continue learning from others in this amazing and fast developing field.
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