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The Book of Joshua episode 17

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Webinar hosting presenter Frances Hogan
Frances Hogan is a lay missionary and educator working in the Catholic Church since the late 60's. She worked as a missionary in West Africa for some years. She has taught in schools in Africa and Ireland. From the mid-80's she lectured in the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin, and served four years on the Theological Commission of the Bishops. She is also trained as a Spiritual Director and Retreat giver.

Since the '80s Frances has written ten books, now out of print. Over the years Frances has made many teachings on Scripture and the Spiritual Life available for sale on hundreds of cassettes. The current list is available in her online shop, now only available in digital format on franceshogan.com

Frances no longer gives Missions in parishes, as well as Retreats and Seminars to people mainly in the English-speaking world. She continues to give Scripture classes from her home.
Frances Hogan
Here is the archeological proof what I said about Mount Ebal and Gerizim.


Judith A Riordan
Thank you for showing us this amazing gift of the discovery presented in this video.
It is so refreshing to observe men of honest intentions speaking the truth.
You are guiding me with such simple steps each day in the DW.
Blessings continuously.
Bernadette Mc Guire
Hi Frances . Was there a particular reason those tribes were allocated to be on Mt Ebal.
The teaching is wonderful
Thank you
Carolyn Peppernick
Good Morning Frances,
Will you be posting your outline for printing? I make additional notes on your outlines. Thank You,
Frances Hogan
Hi Carolyn, the notes are attached above.
Carolyn Peppernick
Thank you!!
Cora Mc greal
Hi Francis
Are there notes from to days class , thank you
Frances Hogan
Hi Cora, the notes are attached above.
Cora Mc greal
Thank you , God Bless in D W
Frances Hogan
Please see attached for notes on todays class.
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