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Quarterly Self-Care Bootcamp #3: Reclaim your Inner Witch: Harness the power of nature to make business magic

About This Webinar

I am on a mission to populate the world with happy women—this means reclaiming our power by returning to wholeness, reintegrating the parts of ourselves we’ve been taught to fear and cast aside. One such part is the Witch.

Once upon a time, “witch” simply meant wise woman and healer. She understood the cycles of nature, trusted her intuition, and worked with them to create, see the truth, and lead. And then… patriarchy.

If you’ve ever held your hand to your child’s forehead to take their temperature, brewed up a healing potion of chicken soup to help your loved one get over a cold, or said a little prayer before sending a proposal to a potential client... You, my dear, are a witch. (The truth is, we all are.)

The modern-day witch understands that her power is as natural and available to her as the sun, moon, and trees. She uses this power to have more energy, less burnout, and so much more fun and ease in her life and business. Join me on Wednesday, August 25 at 12p CT, and reclaim your inner witch!

  • A little “herstory” to debunk our mistrust of witches and our own natural power.
  • Why reclaiming our witchy power is key to our freedom, financial and otherwise.
  • How working with our natural cycles, as well as the planet’s, is like a turbo booster to our energy and productivity (and why working against them may be getting in the way of reaching your goals).
  • What the heck grounding is, why it works to calm anxiety and clear your mind, and easy tools to get there… fast.
  • How to stop those pesky cycles of indecision and burnout, for good.
  • Practical tools for connecting with our bodies, the earth, and our intuition, to gain clarity, calm, and guidance.
  • My favorite “spells” for conjuring more health, wealth, and happiness.
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Charisse Sisou is on a mission to inspire leaders and changemakers to unleash their message and impact by reclaiming the wisdom of the body, the power of story and the intuitive flow of feminine leadership.

As speaker and bestselling author of Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power, Charisse taps 10+ years as a nationally award-winning bellydancer, reconnecting you with hidden reserves of energy, intelligence and healing that reside in your brilliant body, and revealing its direct and timeless link to owning your message, worth, and sovereignty.

As Chief Executive Priestess of the Claim Your Message Copy and Content Agency, she supports leaders in telling their stories, sharing their gifts, and marketing with love to attract the clients, community and opportunities they desire—in order to create the change they want to see in the world.

Feminine leadership mentor, messaging expert, bellydancer and author, Charisse brings revolutionary tools to break through barriers, amplify your impact, and transform your business and life. Are you ready to get Shameless?
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