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Quarterly Self-Care Bootcamp #2: The Way of the Courtesan: A revolutionary guide to more fun & profit

About This Webinar

What if I told you that your pleasure and self-care are directly related to your business results?

We have this idea that work and play are mutually exclusive. However, the more you want to receive in your business—more clients, more opportunities, more money—the more pleasure you must be willing to let in.

It’s all connected to our sense of self-worth—which impacts everything from our pricing, to boundaries with loved ones and clients, to how well we’re supported by our team.

In <5 years, I went from a “starving artist” solopreneur to a 6-figure business owner. I had to expand my capacity to receive, dramatically—and an unlikely mentor on that journey became that oft-misunderstood archetype: the Courtesan.

You deserve to have more fun — and profit — in your business. Learn the missing archetype(s) of feminine leadership that will help you do just that—and debunk a few myths that may be holding you back. Join me on Wednesday, May 26 at 12p CT for my Self-Care Bootcamp on balancing pleasure and business.

  • The relationship between pleasure and success and why it’s so freaking important—especially for women.
  • Where (and how) you are saying no to more without realizing it when you really want to say yes.
  • How to weave pleasure throughout your day, so it doesn’t become another chore on your already overstuffed to-do list.
  • Four little words that will immediately turn up the volume on your pleasure, worth, and receiving genius.
  • Simple, essential self-care practices you can implement today for immediate results.
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Charisse Sisou is on a mission to inspire leaders and changemakers to unleash their message and impact by reclaiming the wisdom of the body, the power of story and the intuitive flow of feminine leadership.

As speaker and bestselling author of Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power, Charisse taps 10+ years as a nationally award-winning bellydancer, reconnecting you with hidden reserves of energy, intelligence and healing that reside in your brilliant body, and revealing its direct and timeless link to owning your message, worth, and sovereignty.

As Chief Executive Priestess of the Claim Your Message Copy and Content Agency, she supports leaders in telling their stories, sharing their gifts, and marketing with love to attract the clients, community and opportunities they desire—in order to create the change they want to see in the world.

Feminine leadership mentor, messaging expert, bellydancer and author, Charisse brings revolutionary tools to break through barriers, amplify your impact, and transform your business and life. Are you ready to get Shameless?
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