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Quarterly Sales Bootcamp #4: Refining and Maintaining Your Sales Rhythm

About This Webinar

We are one year into the "new way”: virtual meetings. Now that busy executives know they don't have to meet in person anymore, why would they? If you are having to engage your prospects and run sales meetings remotely, this is the webinar for you.

Join sales leader Tony Lenhart on Wednesday, October 18 at 12P CT to learn how to communicate virtually, stand out from all the noise, and have a successful sales meeting.

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Sales Expert
Over 11 years and hundreds of client engagements, our firm has worked with leaders to accelerate growth and tackle their biggest sales challenges.

In my consulting work, I work with business owners that are also trying to manage their sales team. They do not have the time, energy, patience, expertise, or desire to be that go-to sales manager.

I have completed over 70 engagements the last eight years. I help these owners create an operational rhythm for their sales department and equip their team the latest tools and methodologies. Two areas which (almost always) need addressed are improving communication and removing roadblocks. I was raised by a salesman and a therapist, so I was bred to do what I do now!
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