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Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp #4: Make Automation Work for You: Build Your Email Marketing Campaign

About This Webinar

Despite what you might have heard, email is NOT dead. Here’s the secret: email is pretty awesome. People are giving you their contact information because they want to hear from you. Done correctly, it can have a huge ROI for your business.

The key to successful email campaigns that grow your contact list and your bottom line is automation and segmentation. With email automation, you can scale your marketing efforts without adding to your budget or to-do list.

*What We'll Cover*

--> The anatomy of an effective email
--> Marketing automation basics
--> What makes people want to hand out their contact information
--> The most common campaigns that will save you time
--> Non-scary tips on how to get started with automated email marketing

Psst…you’ll also get free stuff! Sweet!:

--> Email automation strategy deck
--> Email & campaign series template

Adding email automation to your marketing plan doesn’t need to be scary. Most popular email tools have free and easy to use tools to help you get started. Join marketing expert Christine Bernhard on Wednesday, October 20, at 12P CT/1P ET/10A PT and we’ll take the first steps in crafting an enticing, automated email series that will continue to nurture your relationship with customers.

Please complete the following prior to this workshop:
--> Identify your target audience(s)
--> Identify pieces of content that your target audience(s) would find valuable if they haven’t heard of you yet
--> Channels that you would like to collect email addresses (website, social, etc.)
--> Answer the question, “If you had to ask a new subscriber to do one thing, what would it be?”

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Christine is a Milwaukee native with ten years of experience in digital commerce, email marketing, and marketing automation. With a love for the online experience and a knack for operations, Christine has partnered up with brands such as Kohl’s, Groupon and Harley-Davison. When she’s not playing quarterback for big projects, you can find her running along the lakefront or checking out the newest craft brewery in town.
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