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Why You Should Consider A 4th Incident Priority

About This Webinar

As Chief officers, we should consider a 4th incident priority. Life safety, Incident Stabilization & Property conservation are all ingrained into every fire officer on a fire scene, and it is important to follow these priorities. But, what happens to our citizens after the fire is out? Who is there to take away, or limit their liability exposure? Who is there to comfort them, educate them & keep them safe? We will discuss Chief Brunacini’s “Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service" and how we need to take a hard look at what we do for our citizens.

Topics of discussion include:

Victim assistance
Structural stabilization
Scene security
Lodging & meals for the family
Educating your citizens on their next steps with the insurance company

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Arizona Fire & Medical Authority/Fire Chief
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National Director - 1-800-BoardUp/Retired Deputy Fire Chief, Oklahoma City FD
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Fire Program Manager, International Association of Fire Chiefs
Richard Miller has over 43 years of experience in the fire service industry as a career and volunteer firefighter and now as a Fire Service Program Manager for the Firefighter Safety Research Center at the IAFC. He has held the positions from Firefighter to Training Officer for the City of Fairfax Fire Department in Virginia. His goal is to provide knowledgeable factual information to the fire service industry to meet a diverse community by established leadership, that meets the needs of the leading Fire Chiefs.
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