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What to Look For In An Occupational Health Provider

About This Webinar

The goal should be to find a Provider who is invested in what’s happening within your department. Your Occupational Health Provider should be committed to keeping first responders safe, protected, and supported at both the individual and department level and have an interest in current firefighter medical research and education. This session will go over key ways to identify the Occupational Health Provider who is will best serve your members and meet your department’s needs.

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HeartFit For Duty, RN, BSN
Kepra Jack was an Emergency Room Nurse and Paramedic Educator for 15 years. Kepra has become an expert in the health and wellness of Public Safety providers and has spent the last 7 years helping build HeartFit testing and education programs. Kepra works with various fire departments and law enforcement agencies across Arizona and Massachusetts to educate members on relevant health risks specific to their jobs. Kepra works continuously to expand the scope of the HeartFit program to identify key partners in the healthcare community to help develop early detection programs that focus on Cancer and Cardiac risk. Sitting on the multiple NFPA committees gives Kepra the insight of changes to help direct the programs to keep our First Responders healthy.
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