All animals, including vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish) and invertebrates (sea urchins, leeches, mussels, nematodes, and others) have been found to have endocannabinoid systems. Even invertebrate species as primitive as the Hydra are known to have an ECS. Research suggests that a balanced ECS promotes appetite, sleep, mood regulation and stability, gait, pain perception, memory, body temperature, immunity, reproduction, and fertility in both humans and animals. Researchers believe that understanding the ECS of different species can help them understand its role and the development of clinical applications.

Join the Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series for a presentation from Dr. Tim Shu, licensed veterinarian and founder of VETCBD. Dr. Shu has dedicated his life to the education, research, and advocacy of cannabinoid therapeutics. Today, his California-based company is widely distributed in over 500+ dispensaries in the state of California and his VETCBD hemp line is sold nationwide. To learn more about VETCBD and Dr. Shu's products visit
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    Dr. Tim Shu
    Veterinarian and founder and CEO of VETCBD
    Dr. Tim Shu, a veterinarian and VETCBD’s founder and CEO, is dedicated to creating cannabinoid products that are safe and beneficial for pets. Combining his veterinary background and his expertise in medical cannabis, Dr. Shu is the mastermind behind crafting VETCBD's products which are curated specifically for animals. As CEO, he also manages the company’s direction and strategy, and oversees research and development, marketing, sales and customer support. Dr. Shu’s work on cannabis and pets has garnered international attention and has been featured on The Today Show, CNBC, The New York Times and others.