Bird Valley is on a mission to help people and our planet feel better by practicing regenerative agriculture and producing whole plant medicine. Bird Valley’s whole plant full-spectrum oils are made from the cleanest possible, highest quality cannabis grown by Bird Valley Organics and their Santa Cruz County neighbor farms.

The story of Bird Valley Organics begins with co-founders, Terry Sardinas & Manny Alvarez. As third-generation farmers & first-generation Americans, Manny & Terry were inspired by California's growing medicinal cannabis movement. In 2011, they packed their bags & moved from Florida to California to learn from expert cultivators and wellness leaders. Six years later, after the end of prohibition in California, Manny & Terry founded Bird Valley Organics to advance regenerative practices in cannabis cultivation, create a community of like-minded farmers, and produce healing cannabis medicine.

Today, Bird Valley Organics is a hügelkultur cannabis farm nestled in Watsonville's Pajaro Valley. They produce a line of whole plant full-spectrum oils and partner with like-minded farms to bring regenerative cannabis medicine to help people throughout California feel better. Their regenerative cultivation practices meet the most rigorous standards for farming & testing to ensure your cannabis medicine is safe and sustainable.

Terry Sardinas and Manny Alvarez the co-founders of Bird Valley Organics and will be discussing the farming techniques used to create their award-winning line of full-spectrum cannabis extracts and the company's mission to bring wellness and restorative farming to all.
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    Terry Sardinas
    Co-Founder of Bird Valley Organics
    What was supposed to be the regular, annual mammogram turned into a flood of appointments, discussions, biopsy, and surgery talk. A growth about the size of a finger with a pulse at the end was forming inside Terry's chest. Memories of her Aunt having breast cancer, a double mastectomy, and full reconstructive surgery at the same age quickly started haunting Terry.

    "At the same time [thinking about my aunt], I thought, 'why me? I eat healthy, I work out' ".

    After the initial biopsy, Terry was pressured to have surgery later that week. But Terry had 100+ plants that were her bread and butter ready to be harvested, and leaving only Manny to do it just wasn't an option. Renegotiating, Terry had a month and a half before surgery.

    She not only got to work on her harvest, she got to work on her health. No more sugar, dairy, or meat. A full alkaline diet. Meditating every day. And taking 75mg of oil in the morning and night supplemented Terry as she pursued, "pure, 100% certain and positive thoughts that I WILL heal myself".

    One week before surgery. Terry comes in for a pre-op MRI. One MRI turns into a couple of readings and some confusion among radiologists.

    "Your reading is completely clean, there's nothing." Which was true, nothing but the small titanium dot to mark the spot of a previously large and oblong-sized growth. It was gone.

    Terry didn't need anything else afterward to be completely reaffirmed in the power of cannabis, and the power of BVO FSO's.

    "It just takes a little, and with a whole system change, I could do it. I could heal myself". Terry's story is inspiring. Whether cannabis performs what feels like a miracle for you or simply helps you feel better in your day to day life, cannabis is medicine & we're grateful for all she offers including our very special CEO, Terry.
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    Manny Alvarez
    Bird Valley Co-Founder and Cultivation Leader
    Manny Alvarez is the co-founder of Bird Valley Organics and oversees their 22,000 sq. ft. cannabis and vegetable regenerative farm in Santa Cruz california. As the Director of Farm Operations he has in-depth experience in Organic & Regenerative cultivation. Manny is an exceptional manager of people, processes, and a meticulous record-keeper with exceptional organizational skills.

    Manny conducts seminars for farmers within the area to give advice on regenerative cultivation techniques and also leads workshops for the local community, permaculture students, and dispensary workers on regenerative farming practices and Hügelkultur methodology.