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Cannabis can enhance sex and also address the common things that get in the way of intimacy. Biological processes can affect sleep, mood, increase sweating, and vaginal dryness, all interfering with intimacy. Cannabis can be used as a natural tool to fight these common problems.

Our guest speakers are Patty Pappas and Carrie Mapes are the Founders of Hello Again, a revolutionary product designed specifically for women to help combat the plethora of symptoms women experience.

Hello Again is a cannabis-powered vaginal suppository that combines the healing power of cannabis with soothing botanicals to provide relief from the physical and emotional challenges brought on by menopause. But their products aren’t just for menopause and are formulated to target specific symptoms and promote overall health at any age. Providing a perfectly balanced experience every time, with no head high.
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    Kandice Hawes-Lopez
    Kandice Hawes-Lopez serves as the Community Outreach and Events Manager at Glass House Group, which owns and operates the Pottery LA, Farmacy Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, and Berkeley. Kandice manages the community outreach program at all Glass House Group retail locations and organizes senior shuttles, educational lectures, events, webinars, and community outreach projects.

    In 2003 Kandice founded the Orange County chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. In her 18 years as the Executive Director, she held hundreds of meetings, organized dozens of events, and has moderated and spoken on conference panels across the country.

    Kandice was named High Times Freedom Fighter of the month in November 2012, named "One of Orange County's Most Influential People" by the Orange County Register in 2014, and included in the "100 Most Interesting People in Orange County" in 2015 by the OC Weekly.
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    Carrie Mapes and Patty Papas
    Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas go way back – twenty years ago the duo met when their oldest children started preschool. Friends ever since, Carrie and Patty have always been adventurous and open-minded – but it wasn’t until they became empty-nesters that they decided to explore local dispensaries.

    Quickly, they realized that cannabis was uniquely suited to address many of the challenges they experienced during menopause. Patty and Carrie searched for a single product geared to address these challenges, but there was nothing in sight. Naturally, their problem-solving instincts lead them to take matters into their own hands – by building their own product from the ground up.

    Cannabis. Vaginal. Suppository. Some might read those words and think “crazy talk”, but for Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas these same words represent the future of women’s wellness. With age came the freedom to think and act without considering the judgment of others. The empowerment of age has provided Carrie and Patty with the confidence and wisdom to build something meaningful. The skills and lessons they have learned as mothers, wives, and leaders in their communities are now applied to the world of cannabis and business.

    Carrie’s creativity combined with Patty’s attention to detail make them the perfect pair to spearhead a movement to educate women about menopause and the non-psychoactive use of cannabis for wellness at any age. Carrie and Patty founded Hello Again in 2019, after extensive research and development. The duo is committed to offering solutions for women to improve both mental and physical health and feel like themselves again.

    Their grandmother’s tolerated, their mothers medicated, and they CREATED. Hello Again!