Are you familiar with no-till gardening and living soil?

No-Till is an agricultural method of farming where there is minimal disturbance of the topsoil. Tilling the soil or tillage is the conventional way of farming where mechanical agitation is used to prep soil with large discs and tractors. Tilling soil year after year will cause once beautifully rich soil to become nothing but bare dirt. No-Till has massive benefits for cannabis plants and the environment.

You might be more familiar with the term "living soil". Living soil means that the earth is "alive" with organisms, microbes, etc. Thousands of microorganisms work together to create a biologically diverse ecosystem filled with beneficial fungi, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, worms, and more.

Our guest speakers are Marco and Jake, long-time friends and the founders of No Till Kings a Long Beach-based indoor cannabis farm using the No-Till and Living Soil methods. No Till Kings don't use synthetic pesticides, instead, they incorporate beneficial insects and microorganisms to combat diseases and pests. In place of salt-based nutrients, their plants rely on worms in the living soil that turn organic matter into nitrogen-rich worm castings.

Join us to learn about these two techniques, how to use them in your own garden, and how to create your own worm beds at home.
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    Co-Founder of No Till Kings
    Marco has been working in the cannabis industry for 7 years, growing the entire time. He first fell in love with No Till back in college when he was going to Santa Barbara Community College when he was studying Botany and Landscaping but later dropped out to pursue cannabis. He met Jake in the 5th grade and we've been friends ever since then through skateboarding.

    Marco's passions are skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, as well as growing his own fruits and vegetables. He prefers Sativa leaning hybrids with pungent fruity / citrusy terps. Jack the Ripper and Mimosa are my two favorite strains.
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    Co-Founder of No Till Kings
    Jake has been growing and working in the cannabis industry for 8 years. He attended SDSU for business before dropping out to pursue cannabis full-time. His favorite thing to smoke is the best OG you can grow. The gassier the better. His two favorite strains they current grow are the SFV x Animal Mints and Cookies and Cream #2. He's a huge cat lover, enjoy nicely rolled joints, the desert, and skateboarding. He's known Marco, his co-founder since 5th grade and got him interested in growing.