Glass House Farms is currently one of the fastest-growing cannabis flower brands in California. Founded in 2016, Glass House Farms cultivates over 500,000 sq. ft of greenhouse space in Carpinteria, just off the coast of sunny Santa Barbara. Glass House Farms proudly implements environmentally sound practices that maximize water retention, minimize waste, and use cutting-edge environmental controls to harness the coastal sun’s benefits and eliminate bugs that tamper with quality.

Join Glass House Farms’ for a guided virtual reality experience of their outstanding cannabis farm, followed by a walk-through of the plant life cycle, cultivation processes and sustainability initiatives being implemented at the farm from the best and most passionate growers in the business.
  • Virtual Farm Expereince
  • Discuss Plant Life Cycles
  • Sustainability Initiatives
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
    The Farmacy Cannabis Lecture series is presented by Glass House Group and our family of cannabis dispensaries the Farmacy Santa Babara, Santa Ana, Berkeley, and the Pottery in Los Angeles. Each session is designed to deliver a small and in-depth dose of cannabis education.

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    Ryan Gordon
    Glass House Education and Product Specialist
    Ryan Gordon has been a member of the Glass House family for the past 2 years and currently serves as our Education and Product Specialist. After graduating high school Ryan obtained a degree in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management and began his professional career in the restaurant industry. In 2011 Ryan moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Northern California, where he spent 4 years growing medicinal cannabis.

    In 2015, Ryan moved back to Ohio and took a deeper dive into the culinary world -- specifically with farm to table, fine dining and various other sustainability initiatives within the restaurant industry. In 2019, Ryan moved to Los Angeles and joined the Glass House team as a Brand Ambassador. Since then, Ryan has successfully worked within many departments of the organization including sales, quality control, production, retail, purchasing, and marketing. As Glass House Group’s Education and Product Specialist, Ryan is the one stop shop to all things cannabis. His knowledge of Glass House brands, strains and products are unparalleled.

    Ryan’s perfect afternoon consists of rolling up a joint filled with a super fruity cultivar (such as Papaya Punch or Orange Creamsicle) and longboarding down the LA boardwalk with friends.
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    Kirk Weatherton
    Glass House Farms Head of Production
    Kirk Weatherton joined the Glass House family in December of 2018 as Glass House Farms 11th official member. Currently, Kirk's is the Production Manager at Glass House Farms. Kirk graduated with a BA in Plant Sciences from California Polytechnic, where he spearheaded the hydroponic greenhouse at the University. Postgrad, Kirk worked for various agriculture companies, starting with a very large high tech vegetable greenhouse company that grew tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other veggies.

    During this time Kirk learned from some of the best greenhouse growers you can find. Following that, Kirk moved on to explore various agriculture sectors such as horticulture, hydroponics, growing grounds that feed into nursery retail. In 2018, Kirk was introduced to Glass House Farm Founder and President of Glass House Group, Graham Farrar -- launching his career in the cannabis space. Kirk currently wears multiple hats at Glass House Farms, including overseeing his farm colleagues in their day-to-day activity, pesticide and potency testing submission, crop scouting, hemp operations, cultivation processes, and climate control.

    Kirk’s consumption preference is packing up and smoking a nice, clean bong. Kirk is so passionate about cannabis that he and his wife were married on the beloved cannabis holiday, 4/20!
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    Tiffany Garcia de Alba
    Glass House Farms Assistant Grower
    Tiffany Garcia de Alba joined the Glass House team in 2020. Currently, Tiffany serves as Glass House Farms’ Assistant Grower. Tiffany joined Glass House with 7+ years in the cannabis industry.

    An average day at Glass House for Tiffany consists of making sure that all departments and greenhouses are running smoothly. Tiffany is involved in every stage of cultivation, from being able to spot any unforeseen problem in the growing process all the way to harvesting the plants. Tiffany takes pride in training and educating her fellow coworkers to work as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the crop.

    For fun, Tiffany enjoys collecting seeds and has over 100 different varieties of genetics -- she plans on breeding and creating her own new strains in the future!