Myths and misconceptions about cannabis began spreading in the early 1900s and continue even today. The propaganda campaign against cannabis was led by Harry J. Anslinger, the former director of the now-defunct Bureau of Narcotics, to demonize its users in public opinion. With public opinion in his favor, the government was able to criminalize and control minority populations and benefit big industries competing with hemp.

Even today as a majority of adults support cannabis decriminalization, many still hold onto the belief that cannabis is a dangerous substance and the cause for many of our societal problems. But with advancements in legality, medical research, and the number of people who have been benefited, many more people nowadays have a reasonable understanding of the plant.

Join Dr. David Bearman, M.D. for a discussion on America's propaganda campaign and to address the main cannabis myths and misconceptions. Dr. David Bearman is one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the field of medical cannabis and currently serves as a Board Member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.
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    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series
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    Dr. David Bearman, M.D.
    Board Member of the American Academy of Cannabis Clinicians
    Dr. David Bearman, M.D. is one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medical cannabis, he has spent 40 years working in substance and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs. Dr. Bearman was a pioneer in the free and community clinic movement. His career includes public health, administrative medicine, provision of primary care, pain management and cannabinology. He currently serves as the Vice President of Quality Assurance and Credentials for the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.

    Dr. Bearnman has almost 40 years of professional experience in the drug abuse treatment and prevention field includes being the Co-Director of the Haight-Ashbury Drug Treatment Program, being a member of Governor Reagan’s Inter Agency Task Force on Drug Abuse, a member of both the Santa Barbara and the San Diego County Drug Abuse Technical Advisor Committees, and a consultant to Hoffman-LaRoche, Santa Barbara County Schools and the National PTA. He has been recognized by the Santa Barbara Medical Society with the Humanitarian Recognition Award.

    Dr. Bearman is also the author of Drugs Are NOT the Devil’s Tools: How Discrimination and Greed Created a Dysfunctional Drug Policy and How It Can Be Fixed in 2 volumes. And is featured in the Cannabis documentary, Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health: