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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between sauce, rosin, live resin, and solventless ice water hash? There’s a growing number of concentrate products on the market and understanding the difference can help you choose the best product.

F/ELD is a manufacturer of premium cannabis products known for its award-winning and high-quality concentrates and vaporizer cartridges. Join Joe Andreae, Glass House Group Vice President of Business Development, and Wade Sanders, Head of Concentrates at F/ELD, for a behind-the-scenes look at the concentrate manufacturing process. Our guest speakers will discuss the different forms, unveil the manufacturing processes, compare purity, and cover safety and testing.
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    Kandice Hawes-Lopez
    Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series Host
    Kandice Hawes-Lopez is the Community Outreach and Events Manager for Glass House Group. Glass House Group is a vertically integrated cannabis company which owns and operates The Pottery LA, Farmacy Santa Barbara, Santa Ana, Berkley, and Glass House Farms in Carpenteria.
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    Joe Andreae
    Vice President of Business Development
    Joe is a true veteran of legal cannabis markets, having spent over a decade as a serial cannabis entrepreneur. With multiple endeavors spanning 3 states, he has acquired a range of expertise that encompasses nearly every aspect of the cannabis business, beginning in the cultivation supply sector with lighting and hydroponic equipment for the medical market. From there, he dove ever-deeper into the industry, as a pioneer of the extraction sector in Colorado, co-owner of a medical cannabis dispensary in California, founder/owner of Madrone Oregon, which held 11 state cultivation licenses, and President of the ceramic accessories brand, Hive. Most recently, he served as the CEO of premium California concentrates brand FIELD Extracts for three years, before bringing his extensive industry knowledge and leadership to Glass House Group, where he continues to seize opportunities that push the company, and the industry, to new levels of excellence.
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    Wade Sanders
    Head of Concentrates at F/ELD
    In 2012 Wade left the corporate technology world to follow his passion for cannabis. After 4 years as managing partner of 710 Labs in Colorado, Wade split from the brand to create two new brands: Olio in Colorado and F/ELD in California. In 2018, Wade left Olio to move to California and focus on F/ELD. Wade has lead F/ELD’s product development since its inception, applying his professional experience and technological understanding to ensure efficient operations and high quality products. Wade has also provided leadership and management consulting to other cannabis companies such as Bolder Cannabis, Bolder Extracts, and Native Roots, and has given lectures on cannabis extraction and concentrates at Oaksterdam University.