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About This Webinar

A must-have for any heating engineer, especially if new to the industry. An introductory electrical course to provide initial knowledge around the basic electrical checks required for both safety and fault finding.

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During the virtual session, we will introduce you to the checks you can make as a heating engineer to save you time and develop your checking and fault-finding capabilities.

We will introduce the checks, the theory and understanding behind each, including a demonstration on how you would use these in practical terms – including testing on components

Finally, we will explain why testing the earth loop impedance is vitally important and the readings and principles behind this.

This is a good taster session to help you demystify electrical checks – following this virtual training you may wish to benefit from our comprehensive 1 day in-person training.

Course Content
• Basic Electrical Principles
• How to complete the range of testing methods and interpret readings
• Testing of components
• Earthing Impedance Tests

Language: English
Who can attend? Everyone
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