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    Many cybersecurity techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems and recovering in the event of failure. In this talk we'll take a new perspective on building safe and secure systems. This talk will: Take a holistic view of cybersecurity for automotive systems from the bottom up; put a new spin on "defense in depth" for consolidated systems; and establish safety and security as the top priorities driving the design of critical systems.As industry 4.0 and smart factories continue to connect their assets and equipment to the cloud, attack surfaces grow exponentially. Critical and sensitive connected industrial equipment is paramount to client’s success and something that cannot be left vulnerable. For example, if you think about a milling machine for airplane parts, or a nuclear plant, or a huge pump that distributes water inside of a dam, if any of those are hacked, the damage would be immense and there is a potential for people to get hurt or worse. This is where the IEC62443 standard comes into play, to help re-enforce security foundations. The ISA/IEC 62443 specification has been developed to help companies that provide equipment and infrastructure to the industrial segment to architect their systems with security in mind. Join us as we discuss how secure elements can facilitate your journey to a successful IEC 62443 certification.
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