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    Linux in Automotive use cases is gaining momentum and functional safety is becoming more and more important. Driving elements are initiatives like SOAFEE or SDV which target to bring cloud computing and edge computing closer to each other. Also, the centralization of ECUs and connectivity are demanding new concepts and solutions to handle the increased complexity of mixed-criticality systems. The Linux Foundation's ELISA project targets to Enable Linux In Safety Applications within such an environment. This talk will give an overview of the goals and activities within ELISA and how they are put into practice in the different working groups. Focus will be on the automotive telltale use case, which is empowered by the natural evolution of joining RTOS cluster and Linux infotainment functionality into one connected unit. The work will explain how the E-Gas monitoring principles are combined with a cluster demo contributed by the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project. It will further point out challenges which are specific to Automotive and other industries which are highly IP driven and where continuously support from OEM and Tier1s are needed within ELISA.
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