Recorded Thu, September 15, 2022 11:00 am (EDT)
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    Bringing security into the automated pipeline for continuous integration is a proven approach to creating more mature and robust secured systems - those which are more resilient to cybersecurity incidents, hence significantly reducing the mitigation costs. This concept is often referred to as DevSecOps - the infinite software lifecycle design loop of Development, Security and Operations.

    The complexity of autonomous systems, as well as their frequent integration with sensors, actuators and other hardware components, has hampered DevSecOps adoption in this domain. Nonetheless, recent technology advancements are pointing to DevSecOps as the potential solution to securely design and develop autonomous systems.

    Join the webinar, “Security has shifted into the DevOps lifecycle for Autonomous Systems,” to understand how the right software framework can support your DevSecOps strategy to design, develop and operate autonomous systems securely.

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