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    The unbridled aggression from adversaries in the Ukraine has underscored the need to create a military posture that positions the U.S. and its coalition partners in a constant state of readiness with real-time information and decision-making. To bring focus to this effort, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) created the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy. This strategy describes the urgent need to empower Joint Force Commanders with required sensor to command and control (C2) to kinetic and non-kinetic weapons capabilities across all warfighting domains. The objective is to deter and if necessary, defeat - any adversary at any time and in any place around the globe.

    The JADC2 Strategy requires the unimpeded delivery of real-time situational awareness data to Joint Force Commanders regardless of the military domain or defense supplier. To accomplish this goal, we must embrace the U.S. DoD Data Strategy that transforms the DoD into a data-centric organization that uses data at speed and scale for operational advantage and increased efficiency and to “treat data as a weapon system and manage, secure, and use data for operational effect.”

    This webinar will describe the current state of the JADC2 strategy from the public viewpoint of military leaders and provide a status on global activities to create joint operational environments. It will also detail the requirements for creating a data-centric framework for JADC2 that enables real-time data sharing and the rapid insertion of innovative technologies to maintain information and decision advantages to Joint Force Commanders.

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