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    A variety of medical device modalities and industrial edge applications can be improved with the addition of new features enabled by AI. Developers of these devices and equipment need a platform that enables AI at the edge.

    The NVIDIA IGX hardware and software-based platform with long term support and advanced feature sets make it ready for deployment within medical devices and industrial equipment. Developers can accelerate AI capabilities by focusing on training models for new features and algorithms instead of developing the host platform.

    Further, Dedicated Computing has leveraged the NVIDIA IGX Platform as the basis for a new family of products. This provides a “off-the-shelf” hardware and software system solution that reduces cost and time to market while enabling advanced AI inference functionality.

    Attendees of this webinar, will learn about how Dedicated Computing and NVIDIA are enabling AI applications in healthcare and industrial.

    All attendees will be entered into a chance to win an NVIDIA RTX A4000 graphics card!

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    • Using NVIDIA’s IGX Platform to add AI functions to applications within healthcare and industrial.
    • Explore the AI Platform’s feature set which is ready for use within medical devices and industrial equipment.
    • Details of Dedicated Computing’s Product Families that bring these AI functions to life featuring NVIDIA’s RTX A6000 dGPU and Jetson AGX Orin system on module.
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