Recorded Tue, July 12, 2022 10:59 am (EDT)
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    Voice control is now common in consumer products and can offer unique advantages to medical devices – operating convenience, improved workplace hygiene over touchscreens or keyboards, and less distraction from important tasks. OEMs will want to learn about Digi ConnectCore® Voice Control, an easy-to-implement software solution for the Digi ConnectCore System-on-Module (SOM) family.

    Join us for an informative, one-hour webinar, where experts from Digi and voice INTER connect, a leader in voice control technology, will discuss the benefits of voice control in medical devices.

    The webinar will address key questions of interest to medical device OEMs, including:

    • What are the benefits of adding voice control to a medical device?

    • Why the network edge – rather than the cloud – improves voice control processing.

    • How edge-based voice control enhances device security and patient data privacy.

    • Where to start when adding voice control functionality to a product.

    • What hardware needs to be added to your device for voice control capability.

    • Learn how to create a device for global deployment, with support for 30 languages.

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