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    An operating system is at the heart of IoT solutions. Choosing the right operating system upfront not only saves time and money but also ensures device stability and reliable operation.

    In this tutorial, we will focus on the selection criteria for Windows IoT operating system and licensing options for your embedded or IoT application. Depending on the specific need driving the development of IoT edge devices, several considerations will drive the decision-making process. Primary among them include hardware support, connectivity requirements, support lifecycle, and feature lock-down. Attend this 101 session to learn about the fundamentals of the Windows IoT operating systems.  

    Topics covered in this tutorial include:

    • Comparison between Windows Pro and IoT versions

    • Use cases for Windows IoT operating systems

    • New product updates including Windows 11 IoT Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2021

    • How to get started

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