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About This Webinar

Dr. Stanley T. Crawford guides you through the steps necessary to create a goal setting process that you uniquely tailor for your life and career journey. This webinar will benefit the success oriented individual, entrepreneur, and solopreneur as you navigate through your path to success.

At the end of the webinar, you will come away with a tailored goal-setting path to your goals.

Topics and Key Points to Cover
• Difference between objectives and goals
• Decision points
• Priorities
• Education Gaps
• Experience Gaps
• Monitor and Adjust Points

Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: $70.00
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Webinar hosting presenter Dr. Stanley T. Crawford
Author - Educator - Speaker - Veteran
Dr. Crawford is an author, educator, speaker, and military veteran. He served in leadership and management positions in Public Education, Business, and the United States Air Force.

He is author of the books, “Determine Persist Achieve” and “Building Instructional Capacity.” In addition, He co-authored a chapter in Research in Finance titled, “Managing Real Options in Not-for-Profit Organizations: The Case of Shell Space.”
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