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Conversations that Connect: Reaching a Reluctant Generation for Christ

About This Webinar

Any church on the road to healthy revitalization is preoccupied with engaging the community with evangelistic efforts. But we live in a post-Christian world today, where discussions about God, Jesus and the Bible are no longer familiar topics. The church finds itself preaching Jesus to the hard soil of Matthew 13. Therefore, David and Norm Geisler developed conversational evangelism, a methodology to help till the soil of hearts and minds and help non-believers get one step closer to the cross. In this session, Dr. Thomas McCuddy, Director of the Norm Geisler Institute, will share “Conversational Evangelism Lite,” a methodology designed to build bridges with those who do not hold a Christian worldview. In this way, churches will learn to engage the community with the principles to discover the spiritual needs of the people to take one more step closer to the cross.

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Director (Norm Geisler Institute)
Thomas has a heart for the local church and focuses on helping pastors “reach the pew” by equipping and making disciple makers. Thomas currently serves as Director of the Norm Geisler Institute which trains and mentors believers to fulfill their calling as well as trains pastors and missionaries to serve in ministry to their fullest potential.

Thomas has served in ministerial roles in churches across Tennessee and North Carolina for over 20 years. Thomas studied under both Dr. Norman Geisler as well as David Geisler at the Southern Evangelical Seminary where he earned his Doctorate of Ministry. Since 2010, Thomas has also served as professor at Carolina College of Biblical Studies in Fayetteville, NC where he is head of the apologetics department.

Thomas and his wife Stacey have three children whom they homeschool. As a family they pursue the classical Christian virtues to live a life conformed to Christ and help other families live in that same victory.

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