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Contextualize to Revitalize: Traveling the Revitalization Road Map

About This Webinar

This talk addresses the situation where well established churches find themselves over time, out of touch with changes in their community.  Revitalization aspirations that result from spiritual renewal need to be followed up with segmented community demographic and psychographic assessments.  Strategies to reach Baby Boomers may not work for Generation Z and Millennials subpopulations.  So, improving a church’s reach and discipleship in a shifted community needs a starting point and roadmap to reach its destination. This talk and the overall conference will outline a roadmap for revitalization that  communicates an unchanging gospel message in changing times. Hence, contextualization is a pathway to revitalization.

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Webinar hosting presenter Alan McLeod
Executive Director (Church Revitalize Center)
Pastor Mike Rubino is a leader who loves the local church. Over the course of 20 years he has helped launched church plants, re-plants, and revitalized multiple churches in the Northeast.

When God first called Michael to minister in the Northeast many church leaders told him it was the graveyard for the local church. However, it was in those moments that he felt the Holy Spirit conviction that there was no better place to see God’s resurrection power in person then a graveyard!

Under his leadership and shepherding Cornerstone Bible Church has transitioned from a declining mono-chromatic church barely surviving to a thriving multi-cultural expression of God’s kingdom in their community.

Pastor Mike’s vision is that every local community have a healthy local church. This requires raising up and resourcing leaders to plant, re-plant, and revitalize churches. To make that vision a reality he launched the Revitalize Conference now a part of the recently founded Church Revitalize Center.

As a certified Church coach specializing in both church Re-planting and Revitalization Pastor Mike has the passion, training, and calling to serve churches in need. He has been blessed to have Dr. Thom Rainer as his mentor and is actively partnering with his organization, Church Answers.

Pastor Mike holds a Doctorate in Education, Leadership and Technology, MA’s in both Theology and Business Administration and a BA in Psychology. He is married to his 7th Grade Christian School sweetheart and has two teenagers who love the Lord and have caused him to go bald prematurely!
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