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Your Perfect Person

Fri, Dec 11, 2020 · 12:00 PM · Mountain Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

In order to create a profitable Online Expert Business we have to be REALLY clear on who we want to serve.

This is important for SO many reasons. (If we try to sell to everyone, we end up with such a generic message we sell to no one.)

I've done plenty of Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) exercises where you define the "demographics" of your ICA and thought I had my ICA figured out but I was wronggggggg. So wrong...

I've discovered that I needed to know SO much more. It is NOT ENOUGH to just define the demographics of your ICA such as their sex, age, occupation, marital status, location, if they have kids etc.

I repeat- it is NOT ENOUGH. (Please, please, please trust me on this- I learned this the hard way and my job is to shorten your learning curve and save you time and money!)⏰

You need to know SO MUCH MORE about your ICA to implement effective content marketing plans, create attractive lead magnets run successful paid traffic strategies, develop online products and programs they will buy and create high converting sales funnels.

Demographics are definitely important, but you have to ALSO get inside their MIND.
-You need to know their CHARACTER.
-You need to know their STATUS and where they HANG OUT online.
-You need to know how they TALK about their problems and goals.

That is why I am teaching this workshop to help you flesh out who YOUR Perfect Person is.

I want you to go deep and be really clear on your ICA, which will give you a huge advantage as you spend time and money building your Online Expert Business.

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