Recorded Thu, November 18, 2021 9:01 am (EST)
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    Europe’s subscription services market grew to $558bn (according to ING) in the last year with media & content accounting for 34%. And whilst Digiday research suggests that growing subscription revenue is a “large” or “very large” focus for nearly 60% of publishers, advertising still remain the dominant revenue driver. Both ads and subscription models can be helped by collecting more first party data, as well as emerging solutions such as zero party data, where users provide declared data - via surveys for instance, in return for access to content.

    As the gatekeepers of the customer relationship, publishers have the opportunity to take control of their data, audiences and revenue by finding a balanced value exchange. Some prefer ads, some want to subscribe, and some will exchange data for content - but relying on subscriptions only risks freezing out the communities media is meant to build.

    Come join our webinar with leading publishers & vendors as we discuss:

    The importance & reality of subscription revenue within the publishers’ revenue mix. What do subscriptions actually look like?
    What zero party data is, how it differs from first party data, and how both can feed audience and monetisation strategies.
    And how publishers can balance their monetisation strategy, with first party and zero party data as the key ingredients.
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