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The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness Six-Week Exploration

May 6, 2015 at 06:30:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada) 489 views
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About This Webinar

The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness is SIX absolutely unique, 90-minute guided personal meditations that take you deep into the transformational energy systems of the body so you can experience the power for yourself.

Once we are there, Shelley Poovey, AdvCBP and creator of The RHM will facilitate individual and group healings specific to all participants using the amazing work of BodyTalk. BodyTalk works with the energy systems of the body to restore communication, synchronization and balance in areas that have been affected by chronic stress.

When practiced in a group, this work is extremely powerful. As has been demonstrated in clinical research, a deep heart entrainment effect can be observed when people meditate together -- everyone receives the benefits as well as the fun of seeing and experiencing synchronous images, dreams, and symbols throughout the series.

Six-week exploration: May 6th-June 10th, 2015
Group Meditation/Healing session EVERY WEDNESDAY. 7:30pm-9pm EST
ONLY $112 (only $18 per class!). Sign up here at bigmarker!

IN ADDITION: All participants have access to 50% discount for additional one-on-one personal sessions with the facilitator, Shelley Poovey, AdvCBP, during the six weeks (that's $75 for one hour of individualized attention to address any specific concerns that arise for you during this course).

The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness series draws deeply on Taoist alchemical practices of transformation and Jungian Psychology by introducing meditation and bodytalk in a group setting. This is a uniquely enriching and supportive experience with lots of personal attention during the sessions as well as on a private facebook discussion group.

What is The RHM?
The RHM is a simple gratitude practice that utilizes a heart-based meditation to create coherence with the heart on physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. It utilizes the breath with intention to cultivate a deeper state of awareness.

When used daily as a self practice it can help manifest a more fulfilling relationship to the dynamics of life, and cultivate a more authentic heart-centered approach to living.

What exactly will be covered in The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness?
Rather than a formal presentation of information, each series takes you into a personal experience of wholeness. Remembering your truth as opposed to searching for something outside of yourself. The meditation opens our ability to access expanded awareness in a safe way. Each week we will cover a specific topic:

Week One: Healing trauma with sacred mantras
Week Two: Three elixir fields of personal transformation
Week Three: Kundalini system as gateway to the higher self or soul
Week Four: Shifting consciousness using the Chakras and Endocrines
Week Five: The Psyche, working with the eight extraordinary meridians
Week Six: Integration with the Central nervous system, Nadis, and Meridian Systems

Each week we will meet online to share our experiences, set intentions, and practice the long format of The RHM which works with the relationship between the ancestral meridians and the alchemical fields, accessing the infinite energy of transformation on the creative, emotional, and intellectual levels.

Our practice suspends time to bring all aspects of consciousness into the present, releasing any old negative patterns, stored traumas, or outdated stories that no longer serve.

We spend this time together healing our relationship to wholeness, and remembering our magnificence.

When is The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness?
Six-week exploration: May 6th-June 10th, 2015
Group Meditation/Healing session weekly. 7:30pm-9pm EST

$112. Sign up here at bigmarker!
All participants have access to 50% discount for additional one-on-one personal sessions with the facilitator, Shelley Poovey, AdvCBP, during the six weeks.

Anything else that would be helpful to know?

All calls are recorded, so you do not need to be live for all or part of the call! If you know in advance you won't be attending, just message the facilitator with any intentions or questions you would like addressed. Then check back here within 24 hours for a recording!

Each group session is completely unique and based on the individuals that come together for this experience. I always look forward to the insights that come from this process, and the powerful healing shifts that occur! The group bodytalk session supports the healing experience for deeper integration in a more balanced and harmonious way.

Each participant will receive individual balancings during the group sessions, as needed, according to priority.

This experience also includes an optional membership to a secret, closed facebook group for participants to share in confidence.

Be ready and willing to uncover and shift deeply-held subconscious patterns! In this series we empower ourselves toward a more harmonious relationship with the world around us by looking within, acknowledging and exploring the idea that we are already whole, but are not fully able to access that experience.

This practice requires more commitment and dedication, as we will be delving into sacred practices of inner alchemy, soul retrieval, and heart activation. We take a longer meditation format which travels back through space and time to discover parts of us we had long forgotten, and integrate them with grace and ease.

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  • Jungian Psychology
  • Consciousness Development
  • Intuition
  • BodyTalk
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