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Tips for effective test design

Fri, Jun 24, 2016 · 2:00 PM · Brasilia 336 views
About This Webinar

Whether or not we believe in tests, we are frequently faced with the need to use them. Do you have to design your own tests or give feedback on tests designed by others? How confident do you feel about it? What are the characteristics of an effective achievement test? This webinar will review some common terminology related to testing and then focus on how to design effective achievement tests for your groups or critically analyze the tests you use. Practical examples will be shared and controversial topics will also be addressed. The tips are based on the presenter’s vast experience writing and revising tests in her language institute.

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Webinar hosting presenter BRAZ-TESOL
BRAZ-TESOL is organizing a serie of free webinars to allow BRAZ-TESOLers from all over the country to participate.

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Webinar hosting presenter Isabela Villas Boas
Isabela Villas Bias holds a Master's Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Arizona State University and a Doctorate in Education from Universidade de Brasília. She is the Academic Superintendent at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília. She has presented in various ELT conferences and published journal articles and book chapters. Her latest book is Teaching English in a Binational Center in Brazil, by TESOL Press. She is also a supervisor of distance M.A. dissertations for the University of Birmingham, U.K.. Isabela blogs at isabelavillasboas.wordpress.com.
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BRAZ-TESOL webinar platform hosts Tips for effective test design
BRAZ-TESOL is the biggest association of Teachers of English in Brazil.
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