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Tackling native speaker favouritism head on - PD and classroom ideas

Fri, Jun 12, 2015 · 1:00 PM · Brasilia
About This Webinar

I will start this webinar by exposing the problem of native speaker (NS) favouritism in ELT which leads to unequal hiring practices whereby over 70% of all job ads are for NS only. I will show why the idea that NS are a priori better teachers is not all together accurate and argue that instead of focusing in recruitment on the teacher’s L1, we should turn our attention to the qualities of good English teachers in general. I will also address the ‘market demand’ for NS which drives ELT hiring policies and suggest what can and should be done to educate students about what it really means to be a good teacher. I will show several activities which can be implemented in PD sessions and in EFL lessons. Finally, I will end by suggesting why a move towards a more egalitarian hiring model is desirable and beneficial for all parties (students, recruiters and English teachers).
- Marek Kiczkowiak

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Webinar hosting presenter Marek Kiczkowiak
Since graduating with a BA in English and doing the CELTA, Marek has taught English in six countries in a variety of contexts. He’s an IELTS examiner and holds Cambridge DELTA. He advocates for equal employment opportunities for non-native English speaking teachers through TEFL Equity Advocates and also blogs about ELT on TEFL Reflections. You can find him on Twitter @marekkiczkowiak and @teflequity. He loves travelling, reading and meeting new people. He’s also a keen language learner himself and speaks six languages.
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