We have all heard about racial bias, but are you aware if it is in your own data? Is it possible your data is biased and you don't know it? This webinar will bring light to this issue and offer some ways you may perform your own analysis to find out. It will also address common occurrences that may create an experience of bias for the borrower, and the importance of diversifying the appraiser workforce.
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    Kenon Chen
    EVP of Corporate Strategy, Clear Capital
    Kenon’s background in technology, music, and consulting has led to a unique career infusing
    creativity and passion into solving challenging business problems. His curiosity and
    entrepreneurial focus on intuitive, people-friendly solutions have brought financial technology to
    market that has transformed the valuation space.
    As head of corporate strategy, Kenon sits at the intersection of our executive, product,
    marketing, and sales teams, guiding our growth and ensuring we deliver consistent and
    long-term value to our customers and partners. Since the beginning of Clear Capital, Kenon has
    developed and launched some of our most forward-looking solutions, including ClearProp and
    After honing his engineering and tech leadership skills in San Francisco as a director of
    technology for Roundpeg, Kenon was introduced to the mortgage industry in the early 2000s
    leading tech projects for a large lender. Clear Capital's unique culture and growth have provided
    the perfect opportunity to continue to create a greater impact within fintech and proptech alike.
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    Appraisal Buzz
    The Appraisal Buzz is a newsletter designed to keep the real estate appraisal professional and lending community plugged into what's happening in the world of appraising.
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    John Brenan
    Chief Appraiser, Clear Capital
    John Brenan is Chief Appraiser for Clear Capital, and brings almost four decades of experience in the appraisal industry. Prior to joining Clear Capital, Mr. Brenan spent nearly 17 years at The Appraisal Foundation, most recently as the technical liaison to the Appraisal Standards Board and Appraiser Qualifications Board. Previously, he was Chief, Licensing and Enforcement at the State of California Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers. Earlier in his career, he was responsible for the overall operation of an appraisal district at Bank of America.
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    Jillian White
    Head of Collateral, Better.com
    Jillian White is a 18 year veteran of the appraisal industry, an SRA designated appraiser and a
    former NYS Appraisal Board member. She began her career as the founder and CEO of White
    Picket Fence Appraisals—a residential real estate appraisal company based in New York. In
    2007, she was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Administration and
    in 2010 she was recognized as one of Ten Influential Blacks in Westchester County. In 2016,
    Jillian joined Better, a digital mortgage provider, as the Chief Valuation Officer and the 37th
    employee (now 6,000+ people). In 2018, she was named the Head of Collateral and leads a 600
    person department that consists of the appraisal, title, insurance and project certification
    teams. Jillian White received her BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University.
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    Jessica Brown
    Appraisal Associate, Treffer Appraisal Group
    Jessica Brown is a licensed Appraisal Trainee with a strong background in Title Research and Right of Way Acquisitions. In 2019, she earned acceptance into the Appraisal Diversity Initiative, a program sponsored by Fannie Mae, Appraisal Institute, and the National Urban League. Ms. Brown has been a real estate researcher and analyst since 2011. In 2014, she started Fuller Brown Land Services, a Right of Way firm that successfully completed infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania and Maryland. She is currently the President-Elect of the Maryland Chapter of the International Right of Way Association. A historian at heart, Jessica Brown received her Bachelor’s degree in History from Spelman College.