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It is no secret that sometimes sales and production teams are not in sync. In this third session of the Wide-Format Business Master Class, Debbie focuses on building synergy between the people who are creating the product and the people who are selling it – something that reaps benefits on all sides and will boost creativity, productivity and profits.

• How synergy Increases revenue and profit!
• Defining Synergy & what it means for you.
• How to entice synergy between Sales & Production.
• Cross training departments to break down barriers.
• How to build team collaboration.
• Establish regular, periodic educational sessions.
• Reward effective communication and teamwork!
• How to be consistent in your Leadership message.

Discussion: An inside look at media, substrates, production processes and procedures with several suppliers.
The interview will help the audience to learn about effective use of materials along with production best practices.

This class runs from 1:30 pm through 4:00 pm ET. You will also have ample time for questions and discussion with Debbie and others attending the class.

Debbie interviews Jill Olson of 3M in this session.

Tue, Apr 13, 2021 · 1:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Debbie Nicholson
President, Think to Ink
Debbie Nicholson helps printing companies elevate their un-tapped potential and intensify their customer’s knowledge and perception. Her training programs encapsulate the process of Design Thinking, Product Implementation and the true meaning of the Customer Experience (CX). Through these distinct steps, customers are encouraged and mor engaged in continuing the development of their Wide-Format business – bringing more value to their clients while increasing profitability.

Debbie has 25+ years of experience in printing (i.e., color separations, design, wide-format printing, sublimation printing and offset printing) while also offering a broad stroke of proven finishing solutions that enhance and sustain in-store and corporate environments.

Debbie has consulted with Fortune 100 companies to address design and production issues to secure and maintain flawless execution for high profile campaigns while aligning value engineering to standardize production efficiencies.

Understanding the design and operational nuances of Wide-Format printing is not easy -- but with the continued effort in training and education, you can be confident that the next project is met with self-assurance.