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ICC DevCon 2020 - November 16th Session

About This Webinar

The first of three DevCon 2020 programs, this one features three presenters:

Danny Rich on Color Management in the 21st Century.

The success of the ICC system of color management has prompted the entire world of colored goods manufacturing to rethink their approach to managing the color of their products. This talk will examine the technologies that must be adapted by the ICC to provide the same level of success that it has provided to graphic reproduction.

Tanzima Habib on Spectral reproduction

Colour reproduction based on trichromacy causes loss of spectral information and leads to metameric matches that may fail to match under varying illumination or observer colour matching functions. Such colour reproduction systems pose a limitation to colour critical work eg. brand colour.Therefore, it is essential to include spectral reproduction workflows to address such limitations. In this talk some spectral reproduction use cases and workflows will be explored with an aim to incorporate them into colour management.

William Li on a new colour management paradigm.

  • Color Management in the 21st Century - Danny Rich
  • Spectral reproduction - Tanzima Habib
  • A new colour management paradigm - William Li
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Colour Scientist
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Director, Standards and ICC, APTech
Webinar hosting presenter
PhD Scholar, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Tanzima Habib is a PhD student at NTNU, currently working on appearance reproduction workflow for spectral and 2.5D printing.She has a diverse background in software engineering and geoinformatics, and her interest lies primarily in the domain of colour management and image processing.
Webinar hosting presenter
Research and Development Manager with Eastman Kodak
William is Research and Development Manager with Eastman Kodak. William leads the team responsible for developing core color and PDF technology in such products as Prinergy, Kodak ColorFlow Software, Kodak Spotless Software, Kodak Proofing System, Prosper, and Matchprint Virtual. He has also served continuously as Chair or Co-Chair of the ICC since 2006.
William began his career in the graphic arts industry in 1997, joining the award-winning Prinergy PDF workflow team developing screening and calibration software at Creo, and has led the color technology group since the 2004 acquisition of Creo by Kodak.
He brings a diverse background in engineering, physics, and systems design to the graphic arts as part of Kodak’s Software and Solutions Division. William is active in international standards work, including ICC, ISO TC130, ISO TC171, Ghent Workgroup, and IDEAlliance. He is an in-demand speaker on color and standards-related topics at many industry events.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Color Physicist, Sun Chemical
Idaho in 1973. He received a Masters degree in Physics in 1977 from Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. His research there involved laser optics and its application to light scattering experiments. In 1980, he completed his PhD dissertation entitled, "The Perception of Moderate Color Differences in Surface-Color Space".

In 1998 Dr. Rich joined the Sun Chemical Corporation. His current responsibilities include visual and instrumental tolerancing, corporation wide instrument reproducibility and color management strategies and the technology behind color management for packaging printing, optical calibration and lighting engineering for Sun Chemical world-wide. He holds 14 US patents, 11 World patents and 21 applications.

Has been awarded the Nickerson Service award from the Inter-Society Color Council in 1999, the National Printing Ink Manufacturers award for Technical Achievement in 2008, a Thomas Alva Edison award for innovation by the Research Council of New Jersey in 2008, the Robert F Reed Medal from the Printing Industries of America in 2013, the Mattiello Memorial award from the American Coatings Association in 2015, the Godlove Award from the Inter-Society Color Council in 2019 and the Presidents Award from the Flexographic Technical Association in 2019 .

Dr. Rich has published on all aspects of Color Science and Engineering, including visual perception, instrumentation, and mathematical modelling.
Webinar hosting presenter Association for PRINT Technologies
APTech is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting the entire printing value chain.
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