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How To Take Your Metrics From Good to Great

Tue, Jan 15, 2019 · 1:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

We’ve identified a 6-step process for turning your metrics into something actually useful.

Many companies researching dashboards and business intelligence solutions know the benefits well. They want to become a data-driven organization, be more productive, grow their business faster, and take advantage of the latest technology to do it.

However, for some, they are missing the most important part, what metrics and key performance indicators should we monitor?

This makes it possible for many BI vendors to sell a modern-day version of snake oil, what we call, "eye candy" dashboards, where they put together a lot of out of the box metrics and KPIs, based on 'best practices" and do a slick sales presentation to convince you it will help your business grow if you buy their software.

In reality, after about a month of seeing there is nothing really useful with those numbers, the software becomes shelf-ware.

In this webinar, the founder of 5000fish, David Ferguson, will go through a 6-step process for turning those metrics into something actually useful and getting the most from dashboard and BI software for your company.

  • How to define your own metrics and KPIs, specific to your business.
  • How to keep it simple (and more successful)
  • The value of getting stakeholder feedback early in the process
  • The best practices when it comes to communicating data
  • How to capitalize on your success within the company
  • How to continue the success
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