About this round-table discussion
The decision to change Microsoft Dynamics Partner or even a solution, is made easier today than ever before: Make a mistake, and you will be punished by your customers in no time.

During the upcoming panel discussion “The power of keeping Dynamics 365 customer churn to a minimum” you will hear experts share tips and strategies for ensuring continued success with your existing customers along with insights and a deep dive to answer and explore the following questions:

· How to establish and sustain enduring relationships with customers in an online business?
· What drives customer loyalty in today‘s business?
· What new factors are coming into the decision-making process?
· How do you listen to your customers and integrate their feedback into your services and processes?
· How do you structure support for subscription-based customers without killing your business?
· What are tactics to make sure customers stick with you?

SPECIAL TREAT: introducing the results of survey conducted by 1ClickFactory “Managing Dynamics 365 Customers in Central Eastern Europe: Reality Check”
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    Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene
    Partner Experience Manager, 1ClickFactory
    „Customer experience is the most durable competitive advantage nowadays and an important building block of customer loyalty. “ Sandra is one of the first Certified Customer Experience Professionals in CEE. She helps companies to build business practices to earn customer trust, happiness, and the right to grow with them.
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    Reinis Sparāns
    Strategic Development Manager, Elva, Latvia
    “The rules of the game for running a successful repeatable business and driving customer loyalty are completely different today.”
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    Rimvydas Saulis
    Cloud business line manager, 1ClickFactory
    “Specific elements need to be in place to make the cloud business sustainable and profitable.” Having 1300+ customers deployed on 1ClickFactory’s hosting platform, Rimvydas is constantly implementing new ways to decrease customer’s churn rate down to minimal.