About this round-table discussion
Remote work is here to stay. With more and more customers reaching out to their partners on the alternative of moving ERP to the Cloud, the security topic is also skyrocketing. Is it safe to move my data to the Cloud? What risks are there and how should I mitigate those? How do I comply with security regulations introduced by my local government?

To help partners meet the demand for Cloud-based solutions and grab the momentum, 1ClickFactory has invited experts from the market to share the key learnings you should know regarding the topic:

• Cloud readiness in CEE: what do commercial customers think of security and what are their plans regarding it? Be one of the first to hear the results of an intensive survey conducted by IDC on security in CEE!
• The main fears customers have: are they valid and how do we overcome those?
• Sharing the responsibilities: why is it important that each party realizes its role and impact?
• ISO:27001: what is behind the certification?
• Data regulations: are there any specific requirements set by local CEE governments?

The security topic offers a tremendous sales opportunity for all Dynamics partners: based on the IDC conducted survey, 50% of customers in CEE don’t have any IT strategy in place. Join the panel discussion and get the tools you need to become comfortable with having a security related conversation with your customers.

Check out the preview of this round-table discussion → https://youtu.be/NoMmC4HNkDo
  • 1609783151-58ae9f84b1195083
    András Mihaly Tóth
    CMO Lead, Microsoft
    “Based on IDC survey, customers in CEE tend to choose Microsoft or other global cloud security providers over the local on-premise security providers.”
  • 1609783241-7489fde0edf9cd6d
    Milen Manchev
    Chief Business Development Officer, Intelligent Systems Group
    “Access the state-of-the-art technology and increase the value of your investment by moving to the cloud.”
  • 1609841855-b54deaf18293a76e
    Marius Cibulskis
    Information Security Manager for Cloud, 1ClickFactory
    “You shouldn’t take security in cloud for granted: you too are carrying a certain part of responsibilities.”