About This Webinar
The demand for upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS might be increasing, but that doesn’t mean sales challenges are disappearing. For example, with customers queuing up outside your door, how do you prioritize new ones versus existing ones? Upgrades of this nature are not straightforward processes, so it is important to recognize and deal with any challenges upfront to ensure success later.

For some insights on overcoming some of the top sales challenges you’ll encounter when moving from on-premises to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS, join our upcoming discussion-based webinar. Executives from five different companies will discuss the biggest challenges that their businesses face in selling Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS and how they solve them, as well as what you can do to out-compete your rivals.
  • Customer objections to moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS margin compared to on-premises projects.
  • Generating more service revenue from Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS upgrades.
  • The Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS competitive landscape and different sales models.
  • The impact of the semiannual Microsoft release cycle.
  • Centralizing all Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS licenses to one partner.
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    Michael Hartmann
    Chief Executive Officer, Quattro Business Solutions (QBS group)
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    As Chief Executive Officer at QBS group, Michael is responsible for the overall strategy and P&L at QBS group. He has a long background with Microsoft, where he had different leadership positions in Sales and Marketing. But he always had a strong connection into the Small and Medium Business and the partners that serve these customers. Before joining the QBS group, he was the global lead for Microsoft Dynamics SMB partners, and before that, he was responsible for Microsoft’s SMB sales and marketing in the European, Middle East, and Africa Timezone.
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    Johan Adenmark
    CEO, NAB Solutions
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    Winner of the Partner of Year Award for Business Central 2020. Johan has been in the Industry since Navision 1.1. When version 5 arrived his colleges told him he was not allowed to write any more code. Since then he has focused on sales and trying to understand what customer really needs. Johan also enjoys skiing and playing football.
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    Christian Lenz
    Project Manager, CTM Computer Technik Marketing GmbH
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    Christian joined the company 25 years ago. Starting as an apprentice he got his first education as a financial consultant on Navision 1.20 and from that point worked in many projects in the role of consultant, developer, and project manager (in the later years managing project teams). He was often asked to consult in the pre-sales process of implementation and upgrade projects. Since 2019 he is in the role of a development facilitator helping consultants, developers, and management to keep up with new technology, forms of collaborative-working, and business models. In his free time, he likes working on his camper van, building LEGO, learning to play the piano, and learning to surf.
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    Carme Cortada
    Operations Manager, ‏‏Triangle Grup de Serveis
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    With an aerospace engineering background, Carme jump-started her career in SaaS by joining as young entrepreneur the Centre for Entrepreneurs Training program in London in 2015. Taking over the management of Triangle, the leading Microsoft Dynamics implementation specialist in 2016 in Lleida, Carme joined the Dynamics Community right at the time when Microsoft announced the transition to cloud first solution. Carme enjoys helping companies with continuous improvement of business processes that enables them to scale in the new digital connected world.
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    Rachel Horton
    Head of Customer Engagement, Bam Boom Cloud®
    Rachel has over 20 years finance experience and is Head of Customer Engagement for Bam Boom Cloud. In her role, Rachel focuses on making the very best Microsoft Cloud technology simple to implement and effective and accessible to SMB organizations so they can innovate and transform. Her team do this by offering low cost, fixed price, fixed scope technology solutions specifically designed for SMBs, sold directly to customers or through our network of global partners. She is passionate about building strong relationships in the Microsoft Partner community to improve customer experience and drive growth.
    Outside of work, Rachel is a taxi driver for her two daughters and also enjoys exercising, bike riding and eating out with friends and family.