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About this panel discussion
CEE Microsoft Dynamics Partners gatherings are back! Join us for the launch event, as we start the new season of discussions on the topics that are important to you, Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the Central & Eastern European region.

The new season has a slightly updated concept: We will focus on your pains and gains, share market insights, and discuss topics that are important for all of us Microsoft Dynamics Partners operating in the CEE.

So how are Microsoft Dynamics Partners doing in the CEE? Are there any issues that are unique to certain countries? Are there any upcoming business trends that we can sense on the horizon? To start off the season, we have invited five successful Microsoft Dynamics Partners from five different countries in the region to share perspectives, as well as bring us updates on their insights into the market. Join the event to get in touch with your peers and share how are YOU doing too!

What is happening in the CEE Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel? Here are the success stories to be shared during the event:
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    Stanimir Kostov ∣ Managing Director of FTS (Bulgaria)
    13:00 CEST
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    Convincing customers to move to the cloud is no easy achievement in itself, but having more than half of them in the cloud is extraordinary! What are the main cloud obstacles encountered when migrating both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Supply Chain Management solutions into the cloud? How do you manage a combination cloud and on-premises business? Stanimir Costov, will share how he became one of the highest achieving Microsoft Dynamics Partner in the region, and give you his best tips for success.
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    Agnius Bartninkas ∣ COO of Robovirgin (Lithuania)
    13:30 CEST
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    Attention: your vendor has just been acquired! Partners with well-established RPA practices: confronted with the change of a key stakeholder, how do you adjust your offering to your customers? How do you quickly learn the new product, uncover the opportunities it brings, and convince your existing customers to migrate? Meet Agnius Bartninkas, who has come through this transition and now is experiencing an explosion of leads coming to him for Power Platform solutions.
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    Teresa Bodziuch-Olma ∣ CEO of NMI ERP (Poland)
    14:00 CEST
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    Meet a new kid on the block! The stories of new Microsoft Dynamics Partners are always fascinating: how easy is it to enter the market? How tough is the competition? What key factors spell success for new Microsoft Dynamics Partners? Meet Teresa Bodziuch-Olma, who is ready to share their story of starting a Dynamics 365 Business Central company during some truly crazy times.
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    Igor Chladil ∣ Technical Director at Essence Business Solutions (Czech Republic
    14:30 CEST
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    Jumping on the wave before it hits you. What other Microsoft Dynamics Partners are only beginning to discover, this Partner is already implementing. How do you take advantage of the campaigns Microsoft is offering? How do you vision the projects for customers with large ERP installations? What tactics should you use to make the best set of integrated solutions? Igor Chladil will reveal the key differentiators that made them a success.
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    Milan Komorčec ∣ Managing Partner at Dignet Software (Croatia)
    15:00 CEST
    ‎Size doesn’t matter. The smallest company with the right team and knowledge can accomplish what the big sharks sometimes fail to. How do you handle multiple and/or large projects with only a small team? Milan Komorčec, will share their experience of managing large and international projects with a small, dedicated team.
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    Peter Kuna ∣ Business Applications Partner Program Lead at Microsoft CEE
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    The event is hosted by Microsoft CEE and will feature Peter Kuna, who will not only provide an overview as to how Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the CEE are doing, but he will also answer some specific questions that you, as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, may have.