Missed this webinar? Don’t worry, we recorded the whole event, so you can access the recording here: https://youtu.be/LnZjtGIsaRQ
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About this round-table discussion
The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many industries. Working in the IT space, we are one of the lucky ones in this crisis: Customers were looking for urgent solutions to secure their remote working environment, the digital transformation was accelerated by many expansions into e-commerce and international supply chain processes needed to be automated. Yes, we were lucky to be overloaded with work during the crisis. However, do you know one truth about crises? They all tend to end one day. And another truth is, the choices you make during the pandemic can determine the level of speed you can accelerate and grow your business at after the crisis is over.

We have invited three Dynamics 365 experts from Central & Eastern Europe for a brainstorming discussion on how the world will be different and what we, as Microsoft Dynamics Partners, should plan to have in place to help our customers recover in the quickest way possible. Join the upcoming webinar for an open discussion as we explore:

• How will the world be different to how it was before the pandemic hit?
• What solutions will be in high demand once the lockdown is over and companies can get back to normal operations?
• How should you restructure your team to have the right competences in place to fulfill the likely demand?
• What is Microsoft thinking around post-crisis solutions and are there any current offers available for customers to help them deal with the crisis?

It will be a live discussion, and Microsoft Partners joining the session will have an opportunity to express their thoughts, suggestions and ideas in the chat, and thus together, all of us will build a list of ideas that we can work on.
  • 1612531000-51518073d0aa9d37
    Mirad Maglic
    Regional Director, Business Applications, Microsoft CEE Multi-country
    “Microsoft has a number of tools and special offers available to help customers survive the crisis”
  • 1612351143-6511a3e42f33af06
    Tautvydas Dagys
    Power Platform/ CRM Team lead, 1ClickFactory
    “Solutions that are easy to deploy will be a key element in helping customers recover"
  • 1612782890-be6859520e4b81dd
    Petar Miljković
    CEO, GoPro, Serbia
    “Your planning to help customers recover from the pandemic should begin today”