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How to Hire Employees Without Spending Money or Giving Up Equity

About This Webinar


Learn how to hire employees, independent contractors, and advisors without spending money or giving up equity. This workshop provides startup owners with a guide to using “trigger” contracts to hire talented employees and independent contractors that doesn’t require them to give up cash or equity. These contracts are great tools for founders that want to protect their equity for future financing, maintain their current co-founder structure, and still incentivize talented employees, independent contractors, or advisors to work for their company.


- Learn a new way to hire employees, independent contractors, and advisors that does not require spending money or giving up equity in exchange for their services

- Understand the dangers of giving up equity to short-term employees or advisors

- Become familiar with “trigger” agreements

- Ask questions specific to your startups legal situation

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Attorney at Krasnow Saunders Kaplan & Beninati LLP
Zac is an attorney at Krasnow Saunders Kaplan and Beninati, LLP who works with entrepreneurial clients and family businesses throughout multiple industries including: real estate, technology, apparel, and food and beverage. Zac is actively involved in the start-up community in Chicago, spending time with companies throughout 1871 and Google Business Leaders. In addition to being an attorney, Zac is the co-founder of Zockster, an online clothing retailer.
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